Ready to use BeesVita Plus™ to protect your hives and strengthen your bees? It’s easy! Let’s get started.

As A Powder

BVP is ready to use right out of the bag.  No mess with mixing, just pour directly onto the frames containing bees and brood.



Sprinkle 180g of BeesVita Plus™ per 8 frames (only on frames that contain bees) every 10 days – we recommend leaving a 2-inch margin at each end of the frame. For multiple boxes, simply repeat the instructions for each box.

As A Patty

BVP with sugar syrup can help you get more nutrients into your bees and faster than BVP alone.


Feed 500g to 1000g of patty mix for every brood box of bees and repeat as necessary – we recommend feeding patties whenever your hives are in need of a boost or in times of artificially high demand for royal jelly production.

Click Here for information on making patties that your bees will likely devour.

BeesVita Plus™ must be stored under 70°F/24°C. For optimal results, keep temperatures between 55°F/13°C and 60°F/15.5°C.

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